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Ketamine Use and Withdrawal

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Ketamine is a synthetic compound used as an anesthetic in mostly on animals.

Lately, there has been a push about using ketamine to treat depression.

It is also abused by individuals due to its hallucinogenic, tranquilizing and dissociative affects.

Ketamine, a club drug, is a dissociative anesthetic because it distorts perceptions of sight and sound and produces feelings of detachment from the environment and self.

Individuals who abuse ketamine either snort it or orally ingest it. It is odorless and tasteless and it can be added to beverages without being detected. Ketamine can cause dream-like states and hallucinations.

It can also cause dissociation – causes a person to feel detached from reality. Low-dose intoxication results in impaired attention, learning ability and memory. At higher doses, ketamine can cause dreamlike states and hallucinations; and at higher doses still, ketamine can cause delirium and amnesia.

Over time, the body stops responding to the same amounts of ketamine due to tolerance and the user has to ingest larger doses for the desired effect. Many frequent and chronic users develop more of psychological dependence on ketamine than physical dependence.

Since physical dependence is not prominent, they have just feel disoriented and detached while withdrawing from ketamine.

Does Detox Help in Withdrawal?

The ketamine withdrawal symptoms are mostly psychological. Patients with a ketamine overdose are managed through supportive care for acute symptoms with special attention to cardiac and respiratory functions.

To get started with this treatment, please call us immediately.

In case of emergency call 911 or head to the nearest ER.

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