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Ambulatory Detoxification can address alcohol withdrawal, opiate (pain pills, heroin) withdrawal and benzodiazepine withdrawal.

We use the same proven protocols and medications (Suboxone, Librium, Valium, etc.) used in an inpatient setting. We do not provide rapid detoxification from opiates as it is not proven to be safe. All detox-related medications are provided by CNT at no cost to the patient. Nurses and ASAM board-certified physicians monitor progress throughout the day and titrate medications. Each day consists of 8 hours of structured treatment – group/individual therapy and self-help groups. Family involvement is strongly encouraged. The length of stay is between 7 and 14 days.

In contrast to inpatient detoxification, clients can return to the comfort of his or her own bed each night. We provide Wi-Fi access and allow our clients to keep their cell phones, which helps minimize the disruption to a patient’s daily life, as he/she can stay in touch with family, work and school. Also, clients are able to practice the skills they learned and come back the next day and discuss what worked and what they struggled with. Therapists will work individually with patients to help them in areas they struggle.