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I would like to thank CNT for all they have one for my son. The program’s outpatient approach, I believe, has more success because patients are taught in a more stress free setting, instead of 24-hour confinement. This also allows more family involvement, which helps in recovery. CNT’s program should be a model for other facilities to consider in a patient’s recovery process.

Brian G

Had a very good experience at the center. Very good, professional staff and caring atmosphere. The groups were very educational, insightful, and helpful to my recovery. The level of personal care for each individual at CNT sets them aside from other facilities and programs. It helped me to change my life in a positive way.

Brandy B

CNT saved my life. The staff and therapists cared for me as a person not just an addict. Helped me believe in the woman I could become. Helped me get through all of my emotional and physical issues I was dealing with at that time and continuous support through my journey.

Julianne S

CNT has been very helpful in the recovery of my husband. The therapists and counselors are wonderful, loving and compassionate. The experience has been eye-opening and CNT has been very helpful. Comfortable and caring atmosphere.

Susan G

Our (family) meetings were informative and it felt as if there was genuine concern for my daughter and family. I think my daughter made the right choice to come to CNT.

Victor T

This program really opened my eyes to all addictions. It showed me how to deal with my vices and to cope and live a normal life without alcohol. I highly recommend this program.


My experience here has been wonderful. I’ve learned a lot and got to open up and figure myself out. i’ve learnt how to act in certain situations, and keep myself calm when I am super stressed out. I like it here at the cnter, everyone is welcoming, everyone is really helpful and there for you whenever you’re upset, mad or just need someone to talk to.

Daniel H

CNT is my first detox/PHP treatment. My experience here has been very pleasant thus far. The environment is structured, yet relaxed. Everyone participates as they become comfortable to share their stories, as they are very personal. CNT offered free walk-in support for Thanksgiving, which can keep patients away from trigger situations.


Personally I loved the program. You get the assistance of a doctor/intern at a moment’s notice, and they are so down to earth. You can tell that they do this because they have a heart, not for the paycheck. I also loved the comfortability of the whole program. They don’t force you to participate if you don’t want to; however, they will pull you aside if they feel you are having an off-day, and genuinely talk to you as a human being, not just another patient.

Susan F

CNT is an experience like no other. Unlike traditional inpatient rehab facilities, the staff @ CNT go above and beyond to make my recovery process as easy and painless as possible. The friendships and unbreakable bonds I made during my recovery process will no doubt last a lifetime as they have become family. It has been an absolute pleasure of mine to have undergone my recovery at CNT and without a doubt use the skills, tools and lean on family. I gained here for a lifetime!

Robyn K

My husband and I are very happy to have found a place for our son to get him healthy. We had great family sessions. We are happy with all the respect we have experienced with the whole staff. My son is happy to be going to the facility and happy for him to be able to stay home with the family. We are very grateful for all the staff (has done) and bless you all!

Brianna G

I love it here so far. Everyone is amazing and super friendly. I wish I could stay here longer. I feel myself growing stronger everyday and it’s empowering. I am very thankful! I came here during the holidays and I plan on spending most of my time with my Mom because she is the most supportive with my recovery.

Roy B

My experience here at CNT has been one of extreme delight and gratitude! Not knowing what to expect and having an preconceived notion of a detoxification/therapeutic environment, I found myself on the favorable side – comfortable and sincerely content. I really like and appreciate CNT for the compassion, care and non-judgemental culture that every staff member and the client foster. This place is special and unique because every single client is treated uniquely and individually and, therefore, every aspect of treatment is “tailor made” and customized with an uncanny attention to my privacy and comfort. I feel confident now not only with my own sobriety during the holidays, but also enough to offer others a tip or two in staying sober. First and foremost, USE YOUR SUPPORT NETWORK anytime you feel the tiniest vulnerability and finally try to identify any issue as far in advance as possible and utilize your learned tools accordingly.

Pat L

My experience at CNT has been beneficial. The staff is extremely devotedto making sure I am doing good and exceeding goals in my recovery. The center has a good atmosphere and other clients help each other get through setbacks that could trigger relapse. I am grateful for the opportunity CNT has provided. In order to remain sober throughout the holiday season I will surround myself with the same support that has helped me stay clean up until now. I have learnt different coping skills at CNT in order to maintain sobriety, so I truly don’t feel threatened or tempted to drink or smoke weed. I will spend my time in the holidays around sober people that care about me in order to avoid any issues that might arise.