Nurse and Addiction

Working as a nurse has become a daunting task. Nurses are passionate about their jobs and it is a giving profession. In a hospital, nurses are the lynchpin of healthcare delivery and they endure a gruelling routine. Also, more of physician’s responsibilities are being fulfilled by nurses, making the job highly stressful. Consequently, nurses are primed to turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with the stress they experience. Addiction can dismantle their lives – career, home and health. Additionally, it could also negatively impact their patients.

Reasons for Addiction in Nurses:

Nurses get addicted for various reasons, sometime inadvertently. Given that they have a good knowledge about most medications, they may attempt to self-medicate themselves when to address a medical of mental health issue. They also have easy access to addictive medications that are to be used for their patients, which they may abuse to obtain relief from stress.

Symptoms of Addiction in Nurses:

There are a number of signs and symptoms of addiction among nurses. Volunteering for non-traditional shifts (weekends, holidays) could suggest an intention to divert prescription medications when there is minimal oversight. Incorrect narcotic counts, lack of witnesses when discarding unused medications, or seeking opportunities to be alone when accessing the narcotics safe could be indicators of dependence. Most of these instances go unnoticed and unreported because they know the system and are successful in covering their tracks.

Despite their strength and resilience, nurses are also impacted by stress and work overload. They need timely treatment in order to end the vicious cycle of addiction. At CNT, we have helped many nurses go back to their role as caregivers and have developed a deep understanding of the unique stressors faced by nurses.

Why Choose Us?

For a nurse who is addicted to a substance, it is highly critical to get clean and resume their role as care givers. If they let the addiction fester, they could lose their license for which they worked so hard. The treatment team at CNT is has not only gained expertise in customizing treatment to nurses’ needs, they also adept at working with the Nurses’ Association to ensure that a nurse in treatment with CNT meets all the requirements to be reinstated in the workplace.

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