Recovery @ CNT: Kevin’s Story of Opiate Detoxification

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By 2015, Kevin had sunk into an abyss from which he feared he’d never emerge. Despondent over his mother’s death from cancer, the 27-year-old Middlesex County resident and project manager began abusing 30mg tablets of oxycodone – an opiate also known as “blues” or “Roxy” on the street – to deal with his stress, anxiety, and depression.

“I started doing a few per week but eventually progressed to 8 per day,” said Kevin of what became a consuming addiction that cost im nearly $250 a day to support and threatened his life, job, relationships, and self-esteem. “It was a vicious cycle – I didn’t want to do it anymore but I couldn’t stop because I knew that the withdrawal symptoms would be excruciating,” he said. “I knew I had a problem but I hid it and didn’t want to tell anyone. I was stuck in a trap.”

Kevin was admitted to CNT’s ambulatory detox program by his girlfriend and his family while he was in full withdrawal. “I was in a good environment where people cared about me and I was excited to be there each morning at 9 AM. I learned tons of coping skills and information about addiction itself so that I could get clean and stay clean. For me it was also great to know that I could use my phone, connect with work and go home each night rather than being cut off from the world. I was able to go home to the place where I used to get high and cope with the triggers.”

Kevin returned to work and feels great about waking up each morning and not worrying about the next pill. He said that he is excited to remain clean and plan for the future. “The team at CNT felt like a second family to me and truly saved my life.”

About CNT: The Center for Network Therapy (CNT), a seven-year-old substance abuse treatment program and ambulatory (outpatient) detox facility in Middlesex, NJ and it employs unique approaches to treat addiction and offers drug and alcohol detoxification – CNT offers alcohol detoxification, benzodiazepines (“benzos”) detoxification, opiate (pain pills, heroin, methadone) detoxification, as well as detoxification from buprenorphine. CNT offers a safe environment to deal with opiate withdrawal, alcohol withdrawal, and benzo withdrawal. The program utilizes medication-assisted treatment, such as Suboxone (buprenorphine), to help ease withdrawal symptoms.

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