Klonopin Withdrawal

Those addicted to Klonopin may experience mild to severe symptoms if they try to stop its use immediately without any professional help.

This happens because the brain of Klonopin users depends on this drug for functioning normally.

This drug from the group of Benzodiazepines has a calming and sedating impact on the nervous system.

When the users quit it, they are affected by many unexpected withdrawal indicators.

Sudden quitting of Klonopin can be potentially fatal. Hence, it is advisable to cut down its use gradually for a smooth withdrawal from Klonopin. At CNT, we have certified physicians and nurses for making this procedure comfortable for every patient.

The signs of withdrawal can differ from person to person depending on the severity of addiction. An increased body temperature, hallucinations, trouble in coordination, irritability, nausea, anxiety, sweating, seizures, increased pulse rate, shaking, and panic attacks are some common warning signs that you shouldn’t ignore.

The Timeline:

The symptoms stay for a long duration for Klonopin when compared to other drugs.

They start from a timeline of 1-3 days before the person starts feeling them.

The timelines are affected by the duration of intake, the dosage, and severity of tolerance.

You should always attempt medical detox to prevent any medical or psychological complications. Our staff is trained and certified to provide address the individual requirements of each patient.

How Does Medical Detox Help?

The process of withdrawal from Klonopin can be intimidating or even scary.

You can avoid these dangers through detoxification in a medically supervised environment.

The doctors and nursing staff at CNT are adept at managing these conditions using advanced medications and persistent psychological support.

Getting Started with Your Treatment Timeline:

If you’re addicted to Klonopin and want to get rid of it, look no further.

We offer comprehensive care and services for a wide range of treatment requirements.

With our expertise in this field, we can formulate a detox program suitable for your conditions and needs.

For further details about the treatment, please call us today.