SAMHSA: Why Addiction is a Disease and Why is it Important

SAMHSA: Why Addiction is a Disease and Why is it Important

SAMHSA recognizes CNT’s Dr. Cidambi as a leader in addiction treatment; SAMHSA invites Dr. Cidambi to participate in a panel discussion on why Addiction is a Disease. Dr. Cidambi highlighted to SAMHSA’a audience the fact that a move to increased outpatient treatment for the disease of addiction will lower stigma and help people suffering from this disease to more freely engage in treatment. : How should Trump respond to the opioid crisis?

Leading addiction expert, Dr. Cidambi talks with Dana Perino of Fox News about, “How Should President Trump Respond to the Opioid Crisis?” Dr. Cidambi reiterates that decriminalization should be used as an incentive to motivate individuals suffering from addiction to enter recovery and re-inegrate into the workforce to become productive members of society. : NJTV Drug Addiction Forum Focuses on Treatment

CNT’s Dr. Cidambi, former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevy and other host NJTV’s forum on the drug epidemic in NJ and treatment and recovery options. Of particular interest to the interviewer and the audience was the Center for Network Therapy’s Ambulatory Detox model. The ambulatory Detox model was pioneered by Dr. Cidambi in NJ. : 3 Step Protocol May Save Patients from Drug Abuse

The Doctor’s Channel is a television channel aimed exclusively at doctors. In the interview, Dr. Cidambi recommends 3 steps doctors should take while prescribing opioid pain medications in order to minimize the chances of addiction to pain pills.


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