AA Meetings in NJ

CNT offers complete services for individuals with alcohol issues in New Jersey. We provide local services to individuals with alcohol use disorders to help them stop drinking and live a healthy life. This program has worked effectively for many people.

Thie Alcoholics Anonymous program facilitates bonding with other people in self-help groups and strengthens the support system for the client. It takes nothing but a desire to quit drinking to join this program. It is self-supported through the contributions made by the members. Alcoholics Anonymous follows the 12-stepo tradition that has helped millions of people in their recovery:


There are meetings for individuals with alcohol use disorders, who want to help each other. A list of meetings is available online. Hundreds of meetings take place every week in New Jersey. You can go to as many meetings as you want in order to abstain from alcohol.

Home Groups:

A home group offers individual support and motivation required to meet the challenges of addiction. A variety of ideas are provided by people for fast, sustained recovery during the meetings of home groups.


A member who has moved impressively in recovery and sober living could become a sponsor of Alcoholics Anonymous in NJ. It requires one on one sharing for dealing with addiction problems.

Involvement in the Service:

In AA program, service refers to a means of remaining sober. It requires the participants to get involved in functions that serve the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. A service may include small tasks like chairing the meetings, making coffee, group services, greet people, answer the phones, or speaking at meetings and events.

At CNT, we strive to provide complete support for AA program with the help of our AA groups that visit our facility everyday.

If you wish to join this program, call our office today.

In case of emergency call 911 or head to the nearest ER.

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