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Effective, Convenient, Safe Ambulatory (Outpatient) Detox

Recovery CNT offers exclusive, high quality Ambulatory (Outpatient) Detoxification from alcohol, benzodiazepines, opiates (heroin, pain killers) and Suboxone, while addressing co-occurring psychiatric issues. CNT also offers step down and direct admits to Partial Care and IOP programs with medication management. CNT is licensed by the State of New Jersey.

Dr. Cidambi pioneered the use of the Ambulatory Detox model and CNT has safely detoxed numerous clients. In order to provide highly individualized treatment and allow clients the space to express and process feelings, group size is limited. Dr. Cidambi is an expert in women’s issues and all programs incorporate the special needs of women.

CNT accepts private health insurance (in-network) and is easily accessible from the GSP, NJTP, I-78, I-287, Rt. 1, Rt. 18, Rt. 22, Rt. 202 and Rt. 206.

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Stacey M : I would like to use is “Grateful”

The first word I would like to use is "Grateful" I am sooo grateful for finding out about this facility through a family member and NJ Hopes. I read the reviews and they were good and absolutely true. The staff is tremendous! From the Director, counselors, assistants, nurses, doctors and interns. It has truly been a refreshing and hopeful experience to be here. I feel greater than I have ever felt in years...

Susan D : Excellent top management

Excellent top management, staff, clinicians, counselors. They truly care about their patients. Friendly atmosphere, clean facility and a true understanding of all types of addictions is reflected in the care given to patients on a daily basis.

Susan D

Brianna G : I love it here so far.

I love it here so far. Everyone here is amazing and super friendly. I wish I could stay here longer. I feel myself growing stronger everyday and it’s empowering me. I am very thankful! I came here during the holidays and I plan on spending most of my time with my Mom because she is the most supportive with my recovery.

Brianna G

Daniel H : CNT is my first detox/PHP treatment.

RecoveryCNT is my first detox treatment. My experience here has been very pleasant. The environment is structured, yet relaxed. Everyone participates as they become comfortable to share their stories, as they are very personal. CNT offered free walk-in support for Thanksgiving, which can keep patients away from trigger situations.

Daniel H

SP : I am super stressed out.

My experience here has been wonderful! I’ve learned a lot and got to open up and figure myself out. i’ve learnt how to act in certain situations, and keep myself calm when I am super stressed. I like it here at the center, everyone is welcoming, everyone is really helpful and there for you whenever you’re mad, upset or just need someone to talk to.


Victor T : live a normal life without alcohol.

This program opened my eyes to all addictions. It showed me how to deal with vices and to cope and live a normal life without alcohol. I highly recommend this CNT program.

Victor T

Susan G : Right choice to come to CNT.

Our (family) meetings were informative and it felt as if there was genuine concern for my daughter and family. I think my daughter made the right choice to come to CNT.

Susan G

Julianne S : CNT has been very helpful in the recovery

CNT has been very helpful in the recovery of my husband. The therapists and counselors are wonderful, loving and compassionate. The experience has been eye-opening and CNT has been very helpful. Comfortable and caring atmosphere.

Julianne S

Brandy B : CNT saved my life from an addiction

CNT saved my life. The staff and therapists cared for me as a person not just an addict. Helped me believe in the woman I could become. Helped me get through all of my emotional and physical issues I was dealing with at that time and continuous support through my journey.

Brandy B


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